crow. derse dreamer. thief of time.


the last man standing is a girl

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naps with kitty are the best naps


Guardians of Skaia 

silhouette practice more like texture vomit


You aren’t their leader, you are their friend, and there is a BIG difference.

John Egbert

happy 4/13 to the windiest kid i know and everyone who loves him!


I hardly ever draw these four together


How do you expect to outrun me when I am already here? 

I am so done with Tumblrs re-sizing. ;____;) 

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DAVESPRITE: theres all sorts of stuff i suddenly knew about the game when i became this orange feathery asshole 
DAVE: so now youre like 
DAVE: a wise feathery asshole 
DAVESPRITE: i am fuckin filthy with wisdom its sick 

some shots from the test shoot i did with davesprite!  there’s so much to include in the photo (huge wings, huger tail) that it’s actually tough to find locations and poses that really show him off.  i’ll be doing another, more structured photoshoot now that i’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. stay tuned until then for pictures of that elusive ghosty tail!

davesprite. why are you so difficult to photograph.  why do you have so much STUFF.  why do you take up so much room.  why IS EVERYTHING SO ORANGE


I still refuse to write anything that makes sense here.