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I made a new business card \o/


I made a new business card \o/


holding ren’s hand virtually while sitting her down to watch hetalia means the inevitable outcome of me crawling my way back into the hetalia fandom

i, for one, regret nothing. 


Kanaya and Vriska……. dancing???

I dont know whats happening here either i just wanted to draw cute girls ok

andrew “copyright infringement is only wrong when it happens to me” hussie

dramatical murder: an introduction


Older thingy for my roommate! For some reason I always forget to upload nonpersonal art.

Anonymous: What type of binder do you use for male characters?

i use a danae binder! i bought it when i was living in london, so i’m not sure how accessible it would be price-wise to people outside of europe or the uk. it would be a lot more expensive than an underworks binder, that’s for sure. 


get a load of THIS hornses ass.

i just got my gardenberries skirt back from the tailor and it’s BEAUTIFUL i’m so happy 

hey guys! if anyone’s interested, i’m selling arda wigs’ rufio in black 064 for $30 including tracked domestic shipping within the united states. it was purchased for a commission but doesn’t suit the project as well as i’d hoped, so i’d like to give it a new home! the wig is brand new and includes all original packaging, and i can ship in the morning if payment goes through tonight. pls. pls buy this wig from me.