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In celebration of all the support and compassion I’ve been fortunate enough to receive on tumblr, I’m hosting a giveaway as a thank-you to my followers!  The winner may select one of the two options offered below:

  • Cosplay: One god tier cosplay, which includes hood, skirt/pants/shorts, and socks/tights (if applicable).  Fancy tiers and the classes of bard, mage, lord, and muse are excluded from this giveaway.  Cost of materials should not exceed $100 USD, but accessories like shoes, glasses, contacts, and horns are available if you’d like to swap an item out or if I overestimate my fabric budget/ thrift a sweet deal. 
  • Merch: $100 USD in total to spend at WhatPumpkin, Topatoco, an online store for circle lenses, a wig shop, or another general fandom/cosplay related retailer of your choice!  Funds can be allocated to sellers however you prefer, but the price ceiling cannot be exceeded.

Rules: You may reblog and like as many times as you wish, but giveaway blogs will be disregarded and you must be following me to win.  The giveaway ends September 1 and the winner will be selected at random and given 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen.  Good luck, everyone!

Anonymous: what are yr thoughts on truscum

you want me to talk about gender? on /tumblr/? do you hate me? do you think i have a death wish



Teresita Fernández - Night Writing, 2011

Anonymous: I noticed that in some of your cosplays you have colored contacts and I was wondering if you knew how to properly care for them if I was only planning to wear them for cosplay, which is irregular. For example, should I still wash them everyday?

care for contact lenses is more or less the same, i think, no matter whether they’re for cosplay or daily use.  since you aren’t wearing them every day, you certainly don’t need to wash them every day!  you can store your contacts for 30 days unworn before you need to put fresh solution in the lens case, and make sure you /always/ change the solution whenever you do wear them.  reusing solution is the fastest way to get nasty stuff on your contacts, and you definitely don’t want that nasty stuff to end up in your eyes. 

07/50 Favorite Designs of Elie Saab

07/50 Favorite Designs of Elie Saab


Stanley Casselman - Evolution One Emma, 2008-2010, acrylic on polyscreen, light box, rgb-led array, power supplies and processors program cycle time, 99” x 89.25” x 5.5”

anon asked for a selfie about three decades ago so here i am with the mister (mr. mittens that is)

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" I am the beast
  I am the light
  I am the blighted being cursed with sight
  I am the god
  Who created a world

I am Leviathan the Girl.”